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Easy to create and publish self-introduction page

Simply entering your basic items such as nickname, sex, blood type, etc. will complete your profile. In addition, for those who want to edit their profile freely, we also have an editing screen with only text entry fields.
Of course you can customize easily. All customizations such as changing the character color and changing the image can be done from the web, all operations are completed by clicking, dragging and dropping with the mouse etc.

You can specify the content publishing level finely

You can limit the password to the content, limit the WOX Friend only. Also, since it is possible to set not only the entire page but also the disclosure level for each item, information that is uneasy to be seen by an unspecified number of people can also be set by controlling the setting of the disclosure level It is also possible to share with private colleagues only.
  1. Entire Internet (anyone can access it)
  2. WOX user as a whole (Only users registered in WOX will be able to access)
  3. WOX Friend only (Only WOX Friends will be able to access)
  4. Password restriction (only people who know the password can access it)
  5. Temporary pause (content will be private)

Just answering the questions completes Q & A content

By simply answering questions prepared in advance, Q & A contents can be easily created separately from the basic profile (interview function). Questions are not only prepared in advance, but users can also create new questions. You can create your own unique questions, answer questions created by other users, or create original Q & A content.

Users are connected by interview function

People who respond to the same question can be traced by link, so it is perfect for hobby matching friends. It can also connect with basic items such as age, sex, blood type.
Also, you can find compatible friends with footprints that you can see footprints of users who visited your homepage, and WOX Friend System that you can become friends with WOX users. I just started using the profile service, I miss being friends! In that case, let's look for friends using the communication function!
Furthermore, since the communication function is not compulsory, it is possible to not use it of course.

500 yen per month with no ads

If you upgrade to a premium user, you can use all the functions that were restricted in the free version, such as hiding ads and handling to your own domain. (Please see "WOX Profile Specification" for the difference between the premium version and the free version.)
In addition, once you register as a premium user, you can use any number of services offered by WOX. If you apply for a course of 500 yen per month, even if you use two profiles, the monthly fee is 500 yen. Of course, even if you use a service other than the profile, the monthly fee will not change, so it is even better if you use multiple WOX services.

Even free users will not see ads as much as possible

Ads appearing on your profile will only show up for 30 days if not updated. The update target is "Profile", "Create Interview", "Interview Edit" from "Administration Screen> Article Management".
For premium users, ads will not be displayed even if there is no update.
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